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How to Clean Copper Items In 5 Steps

Do you have tarnish off copper items at home? Read on and learn some DIY remedies you could try to make that copper pot look new and refreshing!

How to Wash a Vehicle with Micro Fiber Cloths In 6 Steps

Micro fiber cloth is a synthetic knit fiber of very small threads. Since it is synthetic, it holds dust, dirt, and bugs well, yet rinses out easily, with very little being absorbed into the cloth.

How to Make a Pallet Bed Frame In 6 Steps

Always Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Learn how you can transform unused wooden pallets into a rustic bedframe!

How to Clean Windows With Vinegar In 5 Steps

Heres a fuss free method you can try to clean your windows!

How to Clean a Microwave Using Vinegar In 4 Steps

Microwave arent so hard to clean! Just grab your vinegar and follow these 4 very easy steps!!

How to Make Window Spray with Lemon and Vinegar In 3 Steps

Read on and learn how you can make your own window cleaner in just 3 simple steps. Grab an empty spray bottle and get started!

How to Remove Mold / Mildew From Walls In 3 Steps

Do you want to get rid of the mould and mildew on your walls, and prevent their growth? Heres how!

How to Clean Blinds In 6 Steps

Blinds of all kinds will dust without proper care, dust often hardens on blinds due to exposure to the sun. Here are a few simple ways you could try to keep your blinds clean!

How to make your patio umbrella repel water in 5 steps

Ever heard of the NeverWet spray? It does exactly as its name suggested! This magical liquid-repelling spray will keep your fabric dry and clean!