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How To Deep Clean Your Carpet In 6 Steps

Carpets are tough to upkeep but once you clean your carpets often, you will be able to enjoy soft and nice-smelling floors.

How To Clean Leather Purse In 6 Steps

Don`t know how to get rid of the stains from your leather product? Let us help! You can find most of the ingredients you need around your house!

How To Keep Lizards Out Of Your Home In 5 Steps

Lizards can be annoying. If it is too high up on the ceiling, spritz some salt water on it first. It will loose it`s grip and fall on the floor.

How To Install A Doorknob In 6 Steps

Want to try your hand changing your doorknob? Try this method! If there are anything you are unclear of, just comment below and we will do our best to help you understand!

How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh In 6 Steps

Your car is like your second home because you spend most of your day in it. Take car of it and it will serve you longer.

How to Paint An Exterior Door In 6 Steps

Let your creativity come to life as you paint over the door. Your house will now stand out because it will now be known as `The Bright Purple Door` or whatever colour you plan on painting your door.

How To DIY Pathways With Glow In The Dark Rocks In 4 Steps

No front porch lights? Are you looking for something to spice up your pathways? Instead of spending hundreds on solar lights for your pathway or garden area, consider glow in the dark rocks! They are something you can make which makes them the perfect project because not only do you get a beautiful and unique pathway, you get it affordable too! Find out how you can transform the look of your pathway or add some glow to ordinary items e.g. rocks, in 4 simple steps. Be inspired!

How To Avoid Poisoning From Household Products In 3 Steps

Most of these products should be kept away from direct sunlight. Keep these products out of sight of children.

How To Polish Sterling Silver With Mild Detergent In 6 Steps

Are your silver pieces tarnished? Don`t worry and wash them with these simple steps!

How To Change A Shower Head In 4 Steps

When your shower head is leaking and you have to change it to prevent any more water wastage, try this method!