3M Comfort Grip Glove

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3M Comfort Grip Glove


3M Comfort Grip Glove - Selffix Singapore


3M™ Comfort Grip Glove GU is light, flexible and abrasion-resistant. Count on it for light- to medium-duty jobs that require precision handing, even in hot and sweaty conditions.

3M Comfort Grip Gloves offer a comfortable alternative to the traditional cotton and leather work glove. The gloves are constructed from a nylon knit material which offers a comfortable, breathable fit and are perfectly suited for applications where hand flexibility and dexterity are needed. The coated palm provides gripping ability in wet or oily applications.

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Long-lasting, and durable
  • Typical applications:
    • general materials handling
    • handling small parts
    • electrical component assembly
    • carpentry
    • plumbing
    • roofing
    • gardening

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