Ronseal Interior Varnish 250ml (Clear Gloss)

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Ronseal Interior Varnish 250ml (Clear Gloss)

Ronseal Interior Varnish gives great protection against knocks, scuffs, and scratches. It's suitable for use on high wear areas such as wooden dining tables and skirting. Ronseal interior varnish dries in only 20 minutes so it won’t leave your wood out of action for too long. It gives the wood a richer color and comes in gloss, satin or matte finishes.

  • It's easy to use - just apply with a brush Dries in just 20 minutes Diamond Hard protection 16 square metres covered per Litre Gives wood a natural finish Low odour

Areas of use: Interior hard/soft
Woodwork Coverage: 6 meter square with 2 layers. (Depending on absorbency and dry conditions)
Type: Water based satin varnish
Application: Good Quality, synthetic filament Brush
Touch Dry: 20 Minutes
Recoat Time: After 1 hour

Stained or vanished wood: Sand the wood thoroughly to make sure the vanish sticks, then swipe with white spirit and leave to dry. New Wood: Give the wood a light sand, then wipe any dirt with white spirit and leave to dry.

Directions of use:
1. Give your varnish a good stir to smooth out lumps.
2. Test the colour on a hidden patch to make sure you’re happy with it. It may darken your wood slightly but it should bring out its natural colour.
3. If you’re happy with how it looks, apply an even layer of the varnish painting in the direction of the woodgrain. Wait one hour for the coat to dry. You will need two to three coats for complete coverage and protection.
4. Before you apply your final coat (whether that’s the second or third), sand down the surface and wipe the dust off with a cloth. This will help your final coat stick smoothly and will give you a perfect finish.

Once your final coat is dry, you’ll be able to clean your wood just like normal. Make sure to clean up any dirt or grit that could cause damage to the finish.

If you do spot a section of your varnish that’s looking less than perfect, sand it until smooth and then just reapply a couple of coats and it will be good as new.

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