Yale YSS/300/DB2 Large Safe

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Yale YSS/390/DB2 File Safe
Yale Stellar YSS/390/DB2 File Safe is smart and extremely convenient solution for keeping your valuables safe. You can be sure that your important belongings will stay safe and secure, whether they are stored at home or in your office or place of work. 

  • Complete peace of mind: The safe comes with two anti-saw locking pins (16 mm) and a steel body for tamper protection
  • Steel construction and felt lining inside to protect against scratches and damage
  • There are 4 pre-drilled holes (with bolts) to fix the safe to the wall, increasing safety
  • Incorrect Input Alarm Feature: Entering an incorrect code 4 times will sound an internal alarm for 3 minutes and lock the codepage during that time. Manual override can be used during the alarm.
  • Convenient to operate digital keypad with LCD display and programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits.
  • In the event of battery failure, the safe can be operated with a manual override function with 2 security override keys provided.
  • Solid steel structure for higher resistance to breaking and opening
  • Equipped with an electronic lock and digital pin access, Yale offers quick setup and easy operation.


Specification : 

  • Exterior Dimensions [mm]: 300(H) x 380(W) x 300(D)
  • Interior Dimensions [mm]: 290(H) x 370(W) x 250(D)
  • Weight [kg]: 12
  • Volume [liters]: 26.8

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