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Black and Decker BDWD08 Cannister Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner 8L

Black and Decker

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Black and Decker BDWD08 Cannister Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner 8L

Even when your house is clean, it's absolutely filthy! That's because most of the dust and dirt in your house is way too small to see. Fortunately, most of us can live without knowing this kind of truth about our homes; a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner is enough to keep us happy.

The trouble with old-style vacuum cleaners is that they suck in dirty air and blow it directly into the bag. The bag catches the dirt and the relatively clean (but often still quite dusty) air drifts back into the room. The longer you use a vacuum, the more the bag fills up. As the bag fills up, the amount of empty air it can hold decreases, so its ability to suck in more dirt is gradually diminished. The longer you go without emptying your vacuum, the worse the problem becomes. But emptying the bag is a real nuisance—and the dust can go everywhere!

  • Bagless design, suitable and easy for both wet and dry cleaning
  • Convenient carrying on the go with its carry handle
  • Solid 8L drum design makes it easy to carry and store
  • 1000W max motor offers strong power and efficient cleaning performance
  • Its 4 rolling casters make manoeuvrability easier