Black and Decker PW1450TD 1400W 105 Bar Compact Pressure Washer

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Black and Decker PW1450TD 1400W 105 Bar Compact Pressure Washer


Black and Decker PW1450TD 1400W 105 Bar Compact Pressure Washer - Selffix Singapore


BLACK+DECKER manufactures high-quality power tools and hand tools, that are engineered to make operation easier and convenient. This Pressure Washer features a high performance motor and a long hose pipe for heavy-duty cleaning applications. It provides an optimum flow rate to deliver an easier cleaning action.

  • Fast Cleaning Action
    This pressure washer is engineered to provide a powerful water flow. It delivers a faster and efficient cleaning action on multiple surfaces. It offers a universal maximum flow rate of 7.1 litre per minute, for hassle-free clearing.
  • High Performance Motor
    This pressure washer is backed by a powerful motor, that delivers optimum performance. It generates high power output of 1400 watts, that is perfect for quick cleaning operations.
  • 105 Bar Pressure
    This heavy duty pressure washer offers 105 bars of pressure for aggressive cleaning. It generates high flow for cleaning on rigid surfaces without any inconvenience.
  • Ergonomic Spray Gun
    This pressure washer features a high efficiency spray gun with nozzles for easier cleaning. It has a large PU hose and lance extension for better handling and access.
  • Efficient Operation
    The power tool has an optimised sound management system for efficient operation. It is ideal for use by business and home owners to maintain clean surroundings without any hassle.
  • Rotary Jet Nozzle
    This pressure washer features a rotary jet nozzle that delivers a millet effect. It provides optimum coverage area for efficient and productive cleaning applications.
  • Ideal for Industrial and Professional Cleaning Operation
    This pressure cleaner generates optimum water flow for cleaning stones, cement walls, swimming pools, moss or dirt on surfaces, cars, and more. It has a detergent dispenser that ensures germ-free cleaning.


Technical Specifications:

  • Model: PW1450TD
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 8 x 25.5 cm, 8 kg
  • Package Includes:
    • Gun with safety latch
    • Detergent dispenser
    • Garden connector hose
    • Water filter
    • Tip cleaner
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    Posted by Foo say aik on 20th Jan 2023

    very convenient. save time