DampRid FG97 Refill Pack - Refill for FG96

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DampRid FG97 Refill Pack - Refill for FG96


DampRid Drop-in Tab Refill Pack contains two 15.8 oz. moisture absorber tabs. When paired with the Drop-In Starter Kit, they attract and trap excess moisture and eliminate musty odors. Two 15.8 oz. single-use refill tabs provide optimal convenience with no mess. To use, simply insert an unwrapped tab into the top of the moisture absorbing container. Each tab lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and humidity.

DampRid absorbs moisture without use of electricity or batteries. Blends in with any home decor and can be used discretely in various locations. Place in bathrooms, basements, utility rooms, garages, laundry rooms or storage lockers. Ideal for use as a closet freshener for clothes, this simple home improvement project creates cleaner, fresher air. Keep out of reach of children. Read & follow all label directions.



  • 2 - 15.8 OZ (1 LB 15 OZ)
  • Product weight: 35.11 oz (995.37 grams)
  • Assembled product dimensions: 4.38 x 4.55 x 3.85 Inches (11.1 x 11.6 x 9.8 cm)



Directions for Use: Important: Always hold container from bottom. Do not pick up by holding or squeezing top alone. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Remove tab from pouch. Place tab in top container. Place in desired location on flat surface. Damprid starts to absorb moisture immediately into tab but liquid dripping into bottom chamber may take some time. When liquid reaches full line or tab has dissolved, empty unit by holding cover open as shown, and pour liquid down toilet. Rinse residue if needed. Refill with new tab. Suggested Uses: clothes closets; bathrooms; laundry rooms; storage sheds; basements; garages; boats (stored); recreational vehicles (stored); second home or beach house.