Iris Ohyama RNS-300 Rinser Cleaner (For Carpet/Mattress/Sofa)

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Iris Ohyama RNS-300 Rinser Cleaner (For Carpet/Mattress/Sofa)

  • A cleaner that can wash carpets completely
  • While spraying water, rinse the dirt on the carpet and suck it strongly!
  • It's as refreshing as if you washed it all! Great for cleaning fabric products such as sofas and car seats
  • Since it is a hand tool type, the tank can be placed sideways for easy cleaning. Easy spraying just by pulling the spray lever
  • A safe design that does not spray unless the nozzle at the tip of the hand tool is pointed downwards. For stains that are difficult to remove or stains, it is effective to remove the stains with a cleaning agent such as alkaline ionized water before cleaning
  • *Do not put a cleaning agent in the freshwater tank
  • *Do not use dish detergent that produces bubbles as it may cause a malfunction


Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Rated Power: 330W
  • Suction Work Rate: 30W
  • Recovery Tank Effective Volume: 0.5L
  • Full Water Tank Capacity: 0.3L
  • Hose Length: Diameter of about 29mm x 1m
  • Water Service Temperature: Up to about 40°C
  • Product Size W x D x H (cm): Approx. 24.8 x 14.6 x 31.2
  • Product Weight (Including Accessories): Approx 2.7kg
  • Power Cord Length: Approx. 3m
  • Accessories Include:
    • Hand Tools
    • Vacuum Hose
    • Holder
    • Hose Hook
    • Cord Hook (2pc)

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