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Laddermenn A-Shape MD/HD/TWHD Ladder (Assorted Steps)


$49.00 - $339.00
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Laddermenn A-Shape MD/HD/TWHD Ladder (Assorted Steps)


Our aluminium A-shape step ladders are safely insured with high hardness aluminium. Highly secure and safe with non-skid rubber footing to prevent skidding. A maintenance free ladder and top-notch in stability.


  • Slip Resistant Feet
  • Grooved for secured footing
  • Maintenance free
  • High Stability


Medium Duty Series (120kg Load)

Ladder: 3 Step, 4 Step, 5 Step, 6 Step, 7 Step, 8 Step, 9 Step, 10 Step


Heavy Duty Series (150kg Load)

Ladder: 11 Step, 12 Step, 13 Step, 14 Step, 15 Step, 16 Step


Two-Way Heavy Duty Series

Ladder: 11 Step