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Nitecore TINI 2 Keychain Light Blk - 500 lumens


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Nitecore TINI 2 Keychain Light Blk - 500 lumens



Tiny light that packs a 500 lumen punch. Coupled with a smart display that show you remaining runtime and more. It's easier to know when your battery needs to charge or how long you have left before your mode steps down.

High strength, low density and strong corrosion resistance.

  • Aero Grade Aluminum Alloy 
  • 500-lumen brightness over 89 meters
  • 5 brightness levels, up to 8hr runtime at 15 lumens
  • Dual LEDs for incredible power
  • Rechargeable via USB-C port
  • OLED Real-Time Display
  • IPX54 rated and 1m impact resistant


OLED DISPLAY - Shows real-time information like remaining runtime, brightness level, user mode, plus battery voltage & level. It's easier to know when your battery needs to charge, if you need to adjust your output, or how long you have left before your mode steps down.

POWERFUL BEAM - 2x OSRAM P8 LEDs produce a powerful 500 lumen beam that hits up to 89 meters. The TINI 2 drastically outperforms its small stature.

EASY TO USE - Dual switch design for quick and easy brightness control. Instant turbo or instant low mode from off. Momentary turbo modes are also possible. Navigate with low brightness, then press and hold the top button to get max brightness as long as you hold it. 

BUILT TO LAST - All aluminum alloy construction for high strength and strong corrosion resistance. Withstands impact and drops. Weather sealed IP54 rated. This will last you a long, long time.

QUICK USB-C CHARGING - Quickly and easily charge the 280mAh battery with the built-in charging port. Takes around 90 mins to charge. Built-in battery display on the OLED screen.


Battery anxiety is real and it affects everyone

If you often wonder hmm, what brightness is it at? how much battery is left? How long can I run it at this brightness before it dies?

Then you need a proper display that tells you all that info, like the TINI 2.

But you might say oh I don't need a display, if it dies I’ll just charge it. Imagine if your phone didn’t have a battery indicator on the top. You’ll be so anxious because you won't know when your phone will die.

Even thinking about it takes your mind away from the task at hand. The truth is, your lighting tools should help you see, help you focus, be more effective at whatever you're doing. It shouldn’t cause you to be anxious or give you any kind of worry, even in the slightest way.


What's In The Box

  • 1x TINI 2 Black (Charging cable not included)
  • 1x Key Clasp