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Phillips USB Powerbank 10,000mAh (Assorted watts)


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Phillips USB Powerbank 10,000mAh (Assorted watts)


Big 10000mAh capacity with safe Li-polymer battery. No more hussle when your cellphone is out of battery. Fast charging dual USB-A and USB-C port support QC 3.0 and PD3.0.


Works anywhere - great when you're not near a power source

Even if you're not near a wall or car charger, you can recharge your device's battery with the convenient battery pack. The intelligent battery pack supplies power first, so you can remove the pack after use and still have a full battery on your device.


LED power-indicator light

The discreet LED light glows softly to let you know at a glance that the unit is powered.


Charging using USB-C Programmable Power Supply (PPS)

PPS (Programmable Power Supply) is a standard for fast charging technology for USB-C devices. This technology adjusts the voltage and current in real-time, depending on a device's charging status, feeding it with maximum power. A smart way to safely reduce charging time.