SentrySafe LX110B Security Biometric Safe

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SentrySafe LX110B Security Biometric Safe


The SentrySafe Large Biometric Security Safe is ideal for protecting precious valuables and electronics against theft. The biometric lock allows you to store up to 30 fingerprints, so that no memorisation is required. The battery jump kit and the override key make sure you can always access your safe, even in the case of flat batteries. The carpeted floor keeps the content protected from scratches during storage.


  • Battery-powered biometric locking system allows you to store up to 30 fingerprints
  • Live-locking bolts provide advanced protection against theft and unauthorized users
  • Solid steel construction for durable and reliable protection
  • Soft interior lining to ensure fragile or delicate valuables are protected from scratches
  • Concealed hinges for added protection against attempted break-ins
  • Bolt down hardware to ensure thieves cannot easily remove the safe from your home or office


Technical Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimension (H x W x D): 19.5 x 43 x 37 cm
  • Interior Dimension (H x W x D): 19.2 x 42.7 x 31 cm
  • Capacity: 24.5 cubic litres
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Peril Type: Security
  • Weight: 10.6kg
  • Material: Solid Steel
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