TUUF RS-8809-5 Suction Cup Hooks 2-pc (White)

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TUUF RS-8809-5 Suction Cup Hooks 2-pc (White)

TUUF Hook can only be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metals:

  1. Clean surface with water
  2. Dry thoroughly
  3. Unscrew the knob anti-clockwise and detach suction cup
  4. Clean the suction cup thoroughly and dry
  5. Press the suction cup on the surface and hold for 15 sec. Make sure surface for attachment is completely flat
  6. Re-attach the hook back onto the suction cup
  7. Re-screw the knob back, this time turn clockwise. Do not move or re-adjust the position of the hook anymore. If re-positioning is needed, remove the suction cup from the surface and repeat from point 1.

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