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Velcro 25546 Rough Surface Stick 25 X 100 mm Grey


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Velcro 25546 Rough Surface Stick 25 X 100 mm Grey

Product Features:

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE ADHESIVE FASTENERS - These industrial strength hook and loop fasteners provide superior holding power with UV resistance for extreme and demanding outdoor application; safely holds up to 15 pounds
  • SUITABLE FOR EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS - Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, these fasteners have strong staying power even in extreme weather conditions; water and UV resistance keeps them firmly in place during rain, snow, or sweltering heat
  • WATER RESISTANCE PROVIDES UNMATCHED VERSATILITY - With heavy-duty strength these fasteners make the ultimate organization for mounting, hanging, storing or securing items indoors or outdoors; super strong design for all surfaces in the basement and garage
  • DESIGNED FOR TOUGH APPLICATIONS - Superior holding power allows these adhesives to security fasten to smooth or rough surfaces including concrete, brick and asphalt
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED - No hammer, drilling, nails or epoxy necessary, hook and loop industrial strength fasteners feature an easy-peel and stick application, it's the simple solution to organize on many surfaces without putting holes in the wall
  • Optimum application temperature is between 18-24 ° Celsius


  • Adhesives reach maximum strength after 24 hours
  • Surfaces testing is recommended prior to use
  • May not adhere to all plastic surface. Not recommended for laundered fabrics, PVC, wallpaper, loose paint, porous or flaking surfaces
  • Not suitable for wet areas. Relocating fasteners will weaken adhesive and may damage the surface
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and the elements will damage fastener
  • Holds up to 3kg
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 100mm
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