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Enta Bedbug Sachet (Travellers' Pack)


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Enta Bedbug Sachet (Travellers' Pack)

Place one sachet in your suitcase or in the hotel room drawers, hanging garments, wardrobe, under side of the mattress or in between any folded clothing. The sachet is designed for travel and can also be used in any indoor area. When the scent starts to deteriorate about a month later, replace with a new sachet.

Please take note that this is an extremely concentrated mixture specially concocted to deal with hard-core bed bugs. It is thus not suitable to directly place the sachet at the vehicle's front or rear seats immediately after removing the packaging. A recommended method is to first place the sachet into the vehicle boot for a time period between 10 to 14 days, before placing this same sachet at the side of the car seats, near the auxiliary box or on the floorboards.